Bridging the Gap

Between Theory & Cashflow

INDIANAPOLIS real estate is on sale! There may never be a better time to get into the Indianapolis market than now! Property values are down, rates are low and there’s money to be made. Join us for five days of real estate investing immersion. Our Real Estate Buying Tours FOCUS ON CASHFLOW properties and learning while doing. You’ll have the opportunity to view, evaluate and purchase over 30 cashflow properties.

Next Tour: March 21st – 25th, 2022




The founder of the Indy Real Estate Immersion Buying Tour is Paul Xavier. He is the author of ANSWERING THE “WHAT IFS” IN REAL ESTATE and UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOU. He’s been an active  real estate investor for over a decade with real estate holdings across the United States. Paul is the Founder of Hawaii Real Estate Investors, which is a collaboration of investors from beginner to developer, part-time to full-time enthusiast with purpose to highlight the strengths of individuals to foster partnerships, teams, and groups to accomplish common goals.

Paul is a highly sought after Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor who has trained thousands of students across the country. He has trained, mentored and shared the stage with people like JT Foxx, Stedman Graham, George Ross, Wayne Allyn Root, Russ Whitney, James Smith and has spoke at numerous real estate events across the country. Paul has been a personal Mentor to hundreds of students, creating several millionaires in the process.